Here at BAM we specialize in jetski and personal watercraft repairs. We provide scheduled maintenance checks and perform all varieties of service repairs.

  • We also offer Mild to Wild modifications up to race preparation, The sky is the limit !!
  • Jet Ski Fiberglass Repairs, Jet Ski Hull Repairs, Yamaha NanoXcel 1 and NanoXcel 2 Repainting surfaces, Gelcoat repair. SEADOO HONDA YAMAHA KAWASAKI Repairs
  • Tunnel reinforcements
  • Jet pump setups
  • Custom engineering work including performance intercoolers
  • Jet ski Turbo conversions
  • Supercharger Upgrades
  • Head work, Porting and Free Flowing
  • Engine Race internals upgrades
  • ECU reflashing and Aftermarket ECU's Haltech Motec m1
  • Hydroturf Matting
  • Custom Jet Ski Race Seats and seat recovers
  • Custom Exhaust works
  • Custom Parts

We are also Authorised agents for Riva Racing , Worx Racing Components , SBT and Jetski WORX Visit!

We have many years of experience and offer qualified professional help.


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